BAMSI’s innovative methods are attracting Bahamians of all ages with an interest and passion for sustainable development. The Institute offers associate degrees, diplomas and certificates in agriculture and marine science. Students live and are trained at the BAMSI farm in North Andros.



Agriculture majors at BAMSI are provided with strong academic and extensive hands-on training in a number of areas including crop production, farm management, environment conservation, agri-business, general agriculture, livestock and poultry management and food processing. As part of this program, agriculture students also have access to modern classrooms, state-of-the-art labs and tutorial farms where students learn by doing.


Marine Science

Marine science majors at BAMSI study the country’s coastal environments and marine ecosystems in order to gain a greater understanding of sustainable conservation methods.  As part of the program, students take courses in marine science policy, ocean and coastal economics and sustainable coastal management. Students also receive hands on training by working with rich water to support plant growth (lettuce and herbs) and by participating in international marine research projects. Slated to come on stream this year will be an aquaponics facility, which will introduce fish within the growing system.


BAMSI held its first graduation this past July, which saw approximately 20 students from eight islands complete their Associate degrees in agriculture, marine science and aquaculture. The Institute has also embarked on a distance learning program over the Internet which will make the academic programme more accessible to a larger number of Family Islanders.



Environmental Science

The Environmental Science Program at BAMSI is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary course of study that presents an overview of ecological issues such as pollution, water resource management and greenhouse gases, from a scientific perspective. With a broad foundation across the natural sciences, the course examines the interrelated nature of environmental and social systems. That is, the study of how living systems, especially human beings, interact with one another and impact the Earth. This program is designed to equip students with the skills and tools to successfully use the scientific method while studying and solving environmental problems.


Continuing education and Professional Development BAMSI is providing Bahamians with the knowledge and skills they need in order to become successful entrepreneurs. In addition to its core academic programmes, the Institute also offers continuing education and professional development opportunities. These courses are designed to provide adults with skills that will assist them in their careers and entrepreneurial pursuits in the fields of agriculture, marine science and aquaculture. In addition to subject-specific courses, continuing education students can also take classes in topics including Agri-business, Agro-tourism, Professional and Technical Writing, Entrepreneurship 101, essential office skills and health and safety in the workplace. Online and short courses are also available. BAMSI also looks to tap into the younger generation – familiarizing them with all things agriculture and marine. Through its Summer Education Enrichment Development Seminar (SEEDS), young students are able to spend time at BAMSI getting a fun and interactive introduction to those industries.




The Aquaculture programme is working towards leading The Bahamas in aquaculture with a flourishing hydroponics facility, and future plans for the construction of a shrimp farm, cobia open ocean cages and an aquaponics shadehouse. A typical day for Aquaculture students will see them assisting with the marine life at the wet lab and commercial facilities. They will get hands on experience in a number of areas including feeding and measuring animals, disease identification, and the building and maintenance of structures. Students will also become certified divers and will get an opportunity to dive in the sea cage. Graduates of the BAMSI programme will be able to pursue careers as technicians in the areas of aquaponics or hatchery, and should they continue their education to the Bachelor or Master’s Degree level, they will be qualified to fill the role of manager, professor, fisheries biologist or researcher.



BAMSI’S agribusiness degree program is designed to expose the student to the discipline of business within the agriculture sector. Students will broaden their skill sets within the major elements in the agribusiness economic environment, forms of business ownership, competition in the domestic and international market, management of human and financial resources, marketing, business information technology, and finance. These courses will provide students with a strong foundation and readiness to excel within various career opportunities such as agro-economics, farm management, crop production, food market analysis, and agricultural finance.




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The Institute offers teaching and training to provide the professional and technical qualifications necessary for various branches of agriculture and marine resources and to provide strong academic training and extensive hands-on orientation in crop and livestock production, farm management, environment conservation, agri-business and management of marine resources.

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